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Brownies and Guides

Contact, Alicia Holloway
Telephone: 01480 466245
E-mail: Alicia Holloway
Contact, Helen Whitehead
Telephone: 01480 460838
Rainbow Guides
Contact, Rosie Greatrex
Telephone: 01480 460475
Contact, Ed Walters
Telephone: 07776 242784
E-mail: Ed Walters

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Baptist Church
Contact, Sally Beaman
Telephone: 01480 462379
St John the Baptist Church, Holywell
Rector: Revd Sheila Anthony
Telephone: 01480 740456
E-mail: Revd Sheila Anthony
Contact, Jill Harvey
Telephone: 01480 460429
Contact, Stephen York
Telephone: 01480 465120
E-mail: Stephen York

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Beer and Wine
Contact, Debra Jack
Telephone: 01480 469919
Book Club
Contact, Sue Forrest
Telephone: 01480 464082
E-mail:Sue Forrest
Dance Club
Contact, Rose Killock
Telephone: 01480 466487
Film Club
Contact, Fiona Ford
Telephone: 01480 466943
E-mail: Fiona Ford
Gardening Club
Contact, Ann Smith
Telephone: 01480 301726
Local History Club
Contact, Sally Beaman
Telephone: 01480 462379
E-mail: Sally Beaman

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District and Parish Council

Chairman Parish Council
Contact, Jon Neish
Telephone: 01480 466110
Parish Clerk
Contact, Jane Bowd
Telephone: 01480 468451
E-mail: Jane Bowd
District Councillors
Contact, Mr Mike Francis and Mr R Carter
Telephone: Mr Francis 01487 843108; Mr Carter 07986 325637

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Schools and Pre-school

Holywell Primary School
Mill Way, Needingworth, PE27 4TF
Telephone: 01480 462007
E-mail:Holywell Primary School
Holywell School Association
Contact, Sally Batsford
Telephone: 01480 493700
Needingworth Community Pre-School
Contact, Michelle Dolan
Telephone: 01480 300507

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Contact, Peter Hutchinson
Telephone: 01480 463408
E-mail:Peter Hutchinson
Contact, Dave Roberts
Telephone: 07800 834780
E-mail:Dave Roberts
Youth Cricket
Contact, Stephen Mitcham
Telephone: 01480 301679
Contact, Mark Butler
Telephone: 01480 495480
E-mail: Mark Butler
Needingworth Colts Football Club
Contact, Ian Godhard
Telephone: 01480 830505
Tennis Club
Contact, Helen Haynes
Telephone: 01480 463780

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Village Hall

Community Cafe
Contact, Carol Mutter
Telephone: 01480 464526
E-mail: Carol Mutter
Village Hall
Telephone: 01480 498351
Village Hall Bookings
Contact, Rose Killock
Telephone: 01480 466487
Village Hall Trustees
Contact, Margaret Fountain
Telephone: 01480 496636

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Post Office

Post Office
Telephone: 01480 465121

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Good Neighbours
Coordinator, Kate Carpenter
Telephone: 07794 680475
Neighbourhood Watch
Mike Norris
Telephone: 01480 465997
E-mailMike Norris
Over 60s
Contact, Rose Killock
Telephone: 01480 466487
Wellworth Players
Contact, Karen Bays
Telephone: 01480 496425
E-mail: Karen Bays
Women's Institute
Contact, Eda Macpherson
Telephone: 01480 468633

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